Environmental policy

Environmental certification is one of the important elements of the state policy in the field of environmental protection, aimed at protecting the interests of the state, society and its citizens in the field of the environment, ensuring environmental safety and preserving biological diversity.

The legal basis for environmental certification in the Republic of Belarus is the Law of the Republic of Belarus "On Environmental Protection".

Basic principles of the company's Environmental Policy:

Compliance with legislation in the field of environmental protection;
Effective functioning of the industrial environmental control system;
Improvement of the system of industrial waste management with a priority direction of their use and prevention of formation;
Ensuring the environmental safety of technological processes of production, as well as its own, is based on the requirements of international and domestic standards;
To ensure the minimum possible level of negative impact on the environment when conducting production activities by choosing the optimal forest management regime, allocating and preserving forests of high conservation value, including intact forest territories and old-age forests, habitats of rare and endangered species of flora and fauna, key biotopes and elements of biodiversity.
The basic principles and approaches of the enterprise in environmental protection issues:

minimizing the company's environmental impact;
air pool security;
protection of the water basin;
soil protection;
optimization of industrial waste management;
rational use of natural resources;
rational use of energy resources;
handling of flora objects in accordance with environmental requirements;
improvement of the system of industrial environmental control of the production activity of the enterprise;
environmental training of personnel and popularization of environmental protection activities of Logoi forestry;
education of ecological consciousness and improvement of ecological culture of forestry workers;
development and introduction of resource-saving, low-waste, environmentally friendly technologies into production;
implementation of continuous monitoring of emissions and discharges of pollutants, waste generation volumes, compliance with environmental standards and requirements in the development and production of medicines, construction and reconstruction of production facilities.