Hunting complex services

PRICE LIST No. 18/2 of 01.03.2022

for services Hunting complex "Rosokhi"

CURRENT AS OF 31.10.2022

Name of the service

Price without VAT, bel. rub.

Accommodation for 1 person per day

35r. 00k.

Double room

70r. 00k.


140r. 00k.

Accommodation in the Hunter's House (4 blocks)

using the banquet hall

560r. 00k.

Billiards (1 hour)

10r. 00k.

Provision of a banquet hall for celebrations and events 

(without accommodation) from 1 person

23r. 00k.

Bathhouse "Rosokhi" (session – 3 hours, number of people – up to 6)

130r. 00k.

For each subsequent hour

30r. 00k.

Gazebo and barbecue (from 10.00 to 23.00)

(grill, firewood for one grill)



60r. 00k.


75r. 00k.

Split birch firewood (1 grid)

6r. 00k.

Charcoal for barbecue (3 kg)

8r. 00k.

Parking (1 day)

5r. 00k.

Place to set up a tent (1 day)

20r. 00k.

Beach (children under 14 years old free of charge, use of volleyball, badminton courts is included)

2r. 50k.

Sun beds (1 day)

3r. 00k.

Pier rental (1 day)

30r. 00k.

Boat rental (1 hour)

10r. 00k.

Catamaran rental (1 hour)

10r. 00k.

Skate rental (1 hour)

5r. 00k.

Hockey stick rental (1 hour)

2r. 50k.

Sleigh rental (1 hour)

5r. 00k.

Bike rental (1 hour)

10r. 00k.

Snowmobiling (1 lap around the lake)

20r. 00k.