Rare and endangered species of plants and animals in Logoi forestry

The forestry enterprise has protected habitats of wild animals and the growth of wild plants belonging to the species included in the Red Book of the Republic of Belarus:

– cheglok and sparrow owl in Semkovsky forestry;

– common sheep in the Kozyrsky and Red-Swabian forest districts;

– a dark red dormouse in the Kozyrsky forestry;

– long-horned cockatoo in the Red Swabian Forestry;

– Sprygin's clover in the Red Swabian Forestry;

– Ruisha's snakehead in Kozyrsky and Yurkovichsky forest districts;

– lenets bezpritsvetnichkovy in Kozyrsky forestry;

– lily kudrevataya in Kozyrsky forestry;

– neottianta klobuchkova in Kozyrsky forestry;

– berula straight in Pleshchenitsky forestry;

– pea - shaped rank in the Kozyrsky forestry;

– lumbago uncovered in Kozyrsky, Yurkovichsky, Logoysky, Kamensky and Pleshchenitsky forest districts.

According to the security obligations, the Logoi Forestry ensures compliance with the special regime of protection and use of these places.

The protection regime and the procedure for the use of specially protected natural territories are taken into account by the forest management when assigning economic measures. Information about the belonging of forest fund plots to specially protected natural territories is reflected in the tax descriptions for forestry, as well as shown by conventional signs on planning and cartographic materials.

Work on identification of habitats of wild animals and places of growth of wild plants belonging to species included in the Red Book of the Republic of Belarus is carried out in accordance with the "REGULATIONS ON THE PROCEDURE FOR TRANSFERRING HABITATS OF WILD ANIMALS AND (OR) PLACES OF GROWTH OF WILD PLANTS BELONGING TO SPECIES INCLUDED IN THE RED BOOK OF THE REPUBLIC OF BELARUS, UNDER THE PROTECTION OF USERS OF LAND LAND PLOTS AND (OR) WATER BODIES".

Regulation on the procedure for the transfer of habitats

Lists of rare and endangered, vulnerable and sensitive forest species of animals and plants (Download)